Emergency Electrical Services

It is a situation that no one wants to experience. Something happened with the electrical system, and now you face an electrical emergency. Serious problems with wiring or other electrical components can pose a genuine and severe threat to you and your loved ones’ health and safety.

Fortunately, Cornerstone Electrical is here to help when you need it the most. We specialize in electrical installation, maintenance, and repair, as well as emergency electrical services. If there is an indication that you may experience a potentially hazardous situation due to an electrical problem, turn to Cornerstone! Based in Salem, NH, our electricians have 24/7 availability and can perform repair services throughout the following communities:

  • Rockingham County, NH
  • Hillsborough County, NH
  • Essex County, MA
  • And beyond!

What Is an Electrical Emergency?

Several types of situations are considered electrical emergencies. Here are some of the dangers that you may encounter when there is a critical failure in your electrical system:

Power Outage

You might not consider a power outage to be an emergency, yet depending on what your power is used for, losing it could very well be a dangerous circumstance. Many homeowners use electricity to run necessary medical equipment, like oxygen concentrators, for breathing difficulties. When a power outage occurs for someone using a powered medical device, it is a potentially life-threatening situation that must be addressed immediately.

Electrical Fire

A fire caused by faulty electrical wiring is a severe electrical emergency. Oftentimes, an electrical fire will have a distinct smell as it begins. The scent is frequently attributed to the burning of wiring insulation as ignition takes place. If you detect a noticeable burning smell, it is crucial to contact an emergency electrical services company as soon as possible to inspect your home’s wiring and electrical panel.

Electrical Shock

electrical-cord-on-fire An electrical shock is a severe and possibly deadly situation. Depending on the voltage, a shock from electricity could be fatal. An alternating current of 100-250 volts can kill an adult, with some instances of much less voltage also having deadly consequences. Many times shocks will not cause death but can still be painful and dangerous. If you have experienced a shock from your home’s electrical system, it is important to contact a professional electrician to investigate the situation further. Additionally, a downed power line outdoors is also considered an electrical emergency. Always stay at least 40 ft away from a downed power line and contact your local authorities as soon as possible.

Electrical Safety Tips

In the event of an electrical emergency, there are a few things you can do to minimize the threat to you and your family. Here are just a few things that can be done to secure a hazardous situation: In the case of a power outage where necessary medical equipment is powered by electricity, and you suspect the issue is with the home’s electrical system, turn to our emergency electrical services immediately.
We have protocols in place and have a certified electrician at your home as soon as possible. If an electrical fire occurs at your home, it is imperative that you cut the power at the circuit breaker box. Do this ONLY if the fire is not at the electrical panel. By cutting the power supply, you will reduce the risk of electrical shock and slow down the fire’s spread. When attempting to put out an electrical fire, NEVER use water. Use only a fire extinguisher that is rated as Class-C. Call the fire department to evaluate your home after the fire, no matter the severity, and make sure to contact an electrical emergency service provider to inspect your electrical system.
If someone experiences an electrical shock within the home, turn off the power at the circuit breaker box immediately. Do not touch the person who is being shocked until the power has been disconnected. Once you have safely ensured that the electricity is no longer on, separate the individual from the power source that shocked them with an insulated item like PVC piping or a piece of wood. Call 911 so that the person can receive medical treatment. Finally, contact an emergency electrical service provider to thoroughly inspect the electrical system and determine the cause of the shock.

24/7 Availability for Emergency Electrical Services

Equipped with 24/7 availability, Cornerstone is a premier provider of emergency electrical repairs and other services, including:

  • Surge protection
  • Panels wiring
  • Ceiling fans and ventilation

We are based in Salem, NH, and proudly serve Rockingham County, NH, Hillsborough County, NH, Essex County, MA, and beyond! For more information, contact us today!